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Established in 1960, Capital Medical University is a significant higher education institution in Beijing. It operates as a collaborative effort involving the Beijing Municipal Government, the National Health Commission, and the Ministry of Education. Recognized as one of the premier medical schools in China endorsed by the Ministry of Education (MOE), it provides an English Medium MBBS program and holds approvals from regulatory bodies such as PMC (Pakistan Medical Commission), NMC India, BMDC Bangladesh, and the Thailand Medical Council. Graduates are eligible to pursue certifications like USMLE, PLAB, AMC, and ECFMG.

The school currently has 14,464 full-time students, including 6,023 graduate students, 6,599 undergraduates, 1,139 vocational students, 703 international students, and 2,730 adult students. The school and its affiliated hospitals currently have 39,356 teaching staff and medical staff (1,578 in the school headquarters and 37,778 in affiliated hospitals), including 6 academicians; 2,951 with senior titles and 4,780 with associate senior titles; 904 professors and 1,299 associate professors; There are 1024 doctoral supervisors and 1252 master supervisors.


mbbs in english

All classes are conducted in English for students from abroad.


One of the few universities in china who do not require HSK exam for MBBS program


CMU is mentioned as a Ministry of Education (MOE) Listed University.


CMU is ranked 201 in Academic Ranking of World Universities by Shanghai Jiao Tong University


MBBS Duration = 06 years (5 years Medical study+1 year internship)
Degree Awarding = MBBS (English Medium)

Note: Student Must have Minimum 60% Marks in FSC (Pre-Medical)/A-Levels. Student must be under the age of 25 for Bachelor Degree. 

Application Fee = 1000 RMB (Non-Refundable)

Fee Description

  • Tuition Fee
  • Hostel Fee
  • Management Charges etc.
  • Insurance,Visa Extension
  • Total in RMB
  • Total in USD

First Year

  • 50,000 RMB
  • 15000 RMB
  • 15,500 RMB
  • 2000 RMB
  • 82,500 RMB
  • $12,800

2nd to 5th (Per year)

  • 50,000 RMB
  • 15000 RMB
  • NIL
  • 1500 RMB
  • 66,500 RMB
  • $10,500

Special Notes:

  1. Student will pay the Fee in Chinese Yuan (RMB). Fee One Paid will not be refunded.
  2. Food Expenses, Air Ticket & Electricity Charges are not included in the fee package.
  3. Pakistani Student will follow the rules and Regulations of PMDC & Ningxia Medical University.
  4. Indian Students will follow the rules and regulations of National Medical Council of India (NMC).


MOE Listed University Offering MBBS in English

NO Tension to Pass HSK-3 or HSK-4 in First year

10+ Batches of International Students Graduated

Offering Freshmen Scholarship of 15000 RMB

PMC A List University

05 Affiliated Hospitals and 12 Teaching Hospitals

Offering Master & PHD Degree Scholarships through CSC

How to apply to this university:

  • Application Form
  • SSC Mark sheet (grade 10)
  • HSSC Mark sheet (grade 12)
  • Passport First page in Scan
  • ID Card Scan Student & Guardian
  • Medical Check up on Chinese physical form
  • Police clearance certificate
  • One Digital photo with white background
  • Bank/Financial Statement
  • Applicant Assessment form
  • Signed Fee Package Agreement by applicant

Why Capital Medical University?

  1. Established Reputation: Capital Medical University, founded in 1960, has a long and reputable history in medical education and research.

  2. Key Institution in Beijing: As a key institution of higher learning in Beijing, the capital city of China, students have the opportunity to access resources, clinical facilities, and a vibrant academic environment.

  3. Joint Governance: The university’s joint governance by the Beijing Municipal Government, the National Health Commission, and the Ministry of Education reflects a commitment to high-quality education and healthcare.

  4. English Medium MBBS Program: Offering an MBBS program in English Medium makes the curriculum accessible to international students, facilitating a diverse and inclusive learning environment.

  5. Listed by MOE China: Being listed by the Ministry of Education (MOE) of China adds a level of recognition and accreditation to the university.

  6. Global Recognition: Approvals from medical commissions such as PMC, NMC, BMDC, and the Thailand Medical Council indicate that the degrees obtained are recognized internationally.

  7. Eligibility for Certifications: Graduates being eligible to apply for certifications like USMLE, PLAB, AMC, and ECFMG broadens their opportunities for further studies and practice in various countries.

  8. International Collaboration: The university’s engagement in international collaboration and exchange programs provides students with a global perspective and networking opportunities.

  9. Medical Facilities: Affiliation with top hospitals in Beijing allows students to gain practical experience and exposure to a diverse range of medical cases.

  10. Career Opportunities: The global recognition of certifications obtained from Capital Medical University enhances graduates’ prospects for successful medical careers worldwide.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

 Tuition fee at Jilin university is 50,000 RMB/YEAR

Hostel Fee at CMU starts from 15000/year. There are different types of accommodations available at campus. Students may choose accommodation as per their requirement. when students will leave for vacations they don't need to pay for hostel.

CMU is one of the top ranked university, its degree is recognised all over the world. Jilin university is listed in ECFMG and WDOMS. Its students are eligible to appear in USMLE, PLAB, PMDC, IMC, BMDC and all other medical boards all over the world.

CMU is offering different kind of scholarships to International students. Students may also participate in different competitions beside education to get scholarship. one of the best and easy scholarship is offered to top 70% students in MBBS class every year based on their exam results and class behaviour.

Jilin University has a muslim cafeteria to offer Halal food to muslim students?

None of the university in China offers monthly mess system neither the food cost is included in hostel fee. Students may go to cafeteria to purchase the food or they are also being provided with kitchen on each floor of their hostel.

No, Students at CMU do not need to appear in HSK exam. MBBS program at Jilin University is completely in English.

Capital Medical University (CMU) is located in Beijing, the capital city of China. Beijing is situated in the northern part of the country and is known for its rich history, cultural heritage, and status as a political, educational, and economic center

The distance between Capital Medical University (CMU) and Beijing Capital International Airport (PEK), the main airport serving Beijing, is approximately 40 kilometers (about 25 miles).

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