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Study in China MBBS has found success in fundamental values such as self-definition, openness, genuineness, and responsibility. With a robust presence in China, our direct affiliations with universities underscore our steadfast commitment to authenticity. Our range of services, spanning from Home to University, including post-arrival and post-departure support, along with ticketing, highlights our unwavering dedication to assisting students embarking on international educational journeys. Our paramount goal is to provide unparalleled solutions and services, extending professional guidance to students with aspirations for overseas studies. We take satisfaction in responsibly arming students with essential information for their global education pursuits, diligently working towards transforming their aspirations into reality through competitive fee structures and high-caliber education programs in collaboration with esteemed Chinese institutes.

Our Motto

At Study In China MBBS core principles lie self-definition, transparency, authenticity, and accountability. With a significant presence in China, our direct affiliations with universities underscore our commitment to genuine representation. Offering a spectrum of services, from facilitating home-to-university transitions to managing post-arrival and post-departure needs, including ticketing, we aim to deliver top-notch solutions for international education. Providing professional counseling to students aspiring to study abroad, our primary responsibility is to equip them with vital information. Dedicated to realizing students’ dreams of studying in China, we strive to offer competitive fee structures and high-quality educational programs through esteemed Chinese institutions


Established in 2008, Study In China MBBS is a reputable and well-established admission agency operating seamlessly in China, Pakistan and worldwide. Owned and led by individuals with proven credentials in the field, our agency has become synonymous with excellence.

Choosing to pursue my studies abroad wasn’t an easy decision. Study In China MBBS proved to be an invaluable resource for anyone considering studying medicine in China. They not only equipped with the necessary information to make an informed decision but also supported everyone through the entire overseas transition.

Since its inception in 2008, Study In China MBBS has evolved into a thriving office with a dedicated team that takes pride in delivering the level of service that international students have come to expect. We have tailored our services to provide a comforting and streamlined application process for students. From guiding students through the entire application process to ensuring a smooth transition abroad, we understand the financial, educational, and social commitments involved.

Our comprehensive assistance includes:

  • Providing information about esteemed Chinese medical universities
  • Offering personalized counseling to students
  • Delivering authentic information to aid informed decisions
  • Assisting with foreign exchange and insurance
  • Keeping students updated on courses and university details
  • Providing on-arrival services in China
  • Assisting in application procedures
  • Arranging temporary accommodation in China
  • Offering guidance on interviews and visa processing
  • Maintaining regular follow-up with the Chinese Embassy
  • Securing discounted air tickets from major airlines
  • Serving as the total solution provider for international medical students and their families even after their departure.

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