Admissions at Xinxiang Medical University: Ranking Requirements and Application Process

Let’s Build A New World Together! Join Us At Xinxiang Medical University! The only medical University in China with the highest faculty quality and international first-class education and training!

Xinxiang Medical University - The Venue That Wins Trust for Medical Studies In China

So you want to be a doctor? Remember that Xinxiang Medical University is your first choice! We are providing a holistic approach to healthcare from the first University of its kind throughout the world. However, we commit to develop world-class medical facilities and programs, nurturing talent. Thus, we create outstanding professionals for the region and the world.Get our consultation as a one-stop shop!. We offer all things related to college admission, including admissibility, selection, application guidance, and so much more. However, our holistic approach give you a competitive edge. You don’t have to stress about grades or juggling multiple extracurriculars and family commitments with our advice. Medical professionals with years of experience!
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Xinxiang Medical University understands your emotions in finding the right school for your child’s admission. That’s why we offer our services on providing admission guidance to students who wish to take admission to our college in China. Our team has helped thousands of people like you apply to medical schools worldwide. Helping you craft a fantastic application that maximizes your chances of being enlisted!


Our study in China MBBS consultant in Pakistan platform will connect you to the professionals with the best skills and methods based on your desire. Contact us today and contact one of our representatives, who will gladly assist and guide you with what you need.

Study MBBS in China - The Best Xinxiang Medical University World Ranking

The Xinxiang Medical University ranking holds the best medical University in China. It is also a member of Project 211 and Project 985, programs aimed at top universities in China.

Offering undergraduate and graduate programs in medicine! You can also study nursing, pharmacy, and other health care fields. The Xinxiang Medical University world ranking beats some of the best universities in China. It is best ranked for medicine and nursing among all national universities!

Medical Degrees Offered at Xinxiang University

Xinxiang University offers a range of courses at undergraduate and postgraduate levels. There are also several short-term professional training options for those keen to enter the medicine field. However, the University has been recognized as one of the top medical universities in China.

Medicine (MBBS)

Xinxiang Medical University offers the Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) programs to international students. The MBBS program represents the first step in the health profession, including theoretical and practical training. Our Medicine program trains students to become doctors of Western medicine. Students are exposed to a well-rounded curriculum that includes surgery, internal medicine, and pediatrics.

Pharmacy (MPharm)

MPharm is a four-year program. It includes two years of preclinical training followed by two years of clinical expertise. Students will receive hands-on laboratory instruction in primary education, research, and skills. It includes practicing pharmacy technology under the guidance of experienced faculty and pharmacy specialists

Dentistry (BDS)

Dentistry is one of the most rewarding and challenging careers in healthcare. At Xinxiang Medical University, you'll learn from professors actively involved in dentistry's research, practice, and education. The curriculum combines practical, real-world experience with theoretical and scientific knowledge. Thus, it gives you a comprehensive understanding of all dentistry aspects. This four-year degree covers topics in: • Clinical Dentistry • Oral Surgery • Endodontics • Pediatric Dentistry • Implantology • Orthodontics • Prosthodontics • Oral Pathology.

Nursing Science (MSN)

Xinxiang Medical University is offering an MSN – Nursing Science program to qualified students. The master's degree program's course of study comprises the following: • Coursework in human safety and health • Nursing services organization and operations • Evidence-based practice across health care settings • Nursing research methods and design • Policy analysis • Evaluation in health care organizations.

Public Health Science (MPH)

Public Health Science (MPH) is a 4-year master's program. It provides training for work in public health in: • Environmental hygiene • Occupational hygiene • Food hygiene Our MPH program mission is to provide high-quality education with a strong focus on practical skills.

So, what are you waiting for? MBBS & BDS Admissions are Open for September 2023 Intake

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Avail Xinxiang Medical University Fee Structure Flexibility

Dedicated to providing an excellent education and a world-class faculty for its students, Xinxiang Medical University is an essential educational institution in China. The University has made outstanding contributions to the overall development of medicine and healthcare service

The Xinxiang Medical University fee structure is known for its flexibility. It offers several fee-waiver schemes, scholarships, and other financial assistance to enroll students easily.

You can get all the information about registration, hostel, and admission fees from our consultants. However, we have also provided you with an online payment option to pay your fees.

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Finding a program that perfectly fits is the most important thing for our students! We provide you with a thorough consultation. We work with international medical universities from all over the world. We’re proud to be one of the top overseas educations Study in China MBBS Consultant in Islamabad. We can help you find your ideal study abroad program. We have offices in Pakistan, and our Study in China MBBS Consultant in Lahore are fluent in Urdu and English. We have decades of experience working with students looking up their options for studying abroad. Our team can answer any questions you have about studying in China. Whether it’s about cost, courses offered by universities, or anything else related to studying overseas, we are here for your help! If you’d like more information about our services or would like us to help you find an international medical university that suits your needs, please visit our website!

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We are the best medical University in Xinxiang. We have the most amazing students and staff and a great campus to learn on. We are here to help you get into our University so that you can start your future career in medicine!

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