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Background of China 3 Gorges University

China 3 Gorges University (CTGU) is a public university in Yichang, Hubei Province, China. It is a comprehensive university offering programs in both vocational and academic areas. CTGU has been listed among the top 100 universities in China and has been awarded several national awards for its outstanding research achievements.

China Three Gorges University offers several undergraduate and master’s degree programs. In addition to its academic offerings, the university boasts a strong research program with labs and research centers.


China Three Gorges University - Aiming At the Top of International Education and Research

The Chinese institution with the highest percentage of foreign students!!

The University of Three Gorges is a national key university in China with a tradition of excellence, combining the traditional Chinese culture with modern education and scientific research. We provide an education rooted in China’s ancient culture and history while simultaneously being relevant to the future of our global community. What does this university offer you? A rigorous curriculum? Enviable degrees? Easy application process? China Three Gorges University has them all.

China Three Gorges University has made sure its master’s programs in English Communication are accessible to students who have demonstrated academic excellence. At CTGU, an academically strong student will have access to the same advanced networking and study experience as any other globally ranked graduate program.

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In addition to being an excellent source for education and training in China’s national key disciplines, CTGU also has strong research strength in many areas such as theoretical economics, applied mathematics, chemistry engineering technology development, etc. It has established close ties with many domestic universities, such as Wuhan University, Huazhong University of Science & Technology, etc., which enables us to offer students the opportunity to study abroad at these universities or participate in student exchanges between our two institutions.


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China Three Gorges University (CTG) is one of the most prestigious universities in China, known as the Home town of Engineers and Academic Oasis for Overseas Students. CTG has recently witnessed rapid growth in international students, which aligns with its Going Global commitment.

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