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Dr. saleem

Best consultancy door for those who are looking for professional consultation. It was best experience of my life staying in china for my medical studies in chengde medical university.
And Dr umair 10/10 points. Backs his students for whole life not just for enrollments

Dr.M.sohail khalid

my name is Dr muhammad sohail Khalid I am a graduate of CHENGDE medical university Chengde batch #2012 …I got This opportunity through UM international consultant .my experience with them and after reaching there is pretty excellent  👍👍👍… strongly recommend if you have future programs for studying in china

farrukh qureshi

when i approached UM International back in 2011 i was a bit worried about my admission and living in China. I had concerns about it but God knows everything went smooth including issuance of VISA, travelling to China, provision of accomodation and Dr. Umair even used to take us for lunches and dinners until we got used to live there. He managed everything for us, for us it was like moving to an unknown place and start going to University, he himself managed all the formalities one had to face when he or she moves abroad. Me and my whole batch had no tension regarding anything. The role of any good consultant ends here but we were blessed to have Dr. Umair with us. Even after admission he was always there to help us in any manner he can. I can say i haven’t seen any consultant more cooperative then him. Living abroad alone far away from your family is not an easy job but yet we lived there happily just because he made things very easy for us. I was just a client of Dr. Umair and UM International but i ended up having an elder brother who is still in contact with me even after 5 years of my graduation. Tons of respect and love to Dr. Umair and best wishes for UM International for its future endeavours.


What an amazing journey it has been!

Starting with my eldest sister, to me and then my two younger ones. There’s no other firm or agency I’d trust more than UM international consultancy. If I had to go over and choose I’d pick this a million times!

Unlike other agencies, this firm actually walks you through all the right information, treats you like a family, giving you every small details which you might even miss out, assists you through out the steps and guides you to the destination till the end and supports you not only until graduation but even after. I myself needed some help with documents 2 years after my graduation and this firm was just one call away.

If you need a honest, reliable and trustworthy agency you are at the right place:)

Thanks UM international consultancy for being part of our lives

Mr.Aqeel arshad

UM Intl Consultants brought us the best experience in Education consultancy. Especially what this firm delivered with excellence for MBBS programes in China. You feel real saftey handing over your kids to them for 5 long years and they provide u a complete academic track of your kid with excellent results. I wish them best of luck as they are exploring horizons in other territories and fields.

Mavra khan

Reliable and honest. Got my documents in my hand with everything done and dusted and that too on time. Just had to go for the interview otherwise everything else was smooth! I had a great experience

Dr. Waqar hussain

I can’t speak highly enough about Dr. Umair Javed’s consultancy services for pursuing MBBS in China. His unmatched expertise, tailored guidance, and relentless commitment helped me secure admission to my preferred medical university. I wholeheartedly recommend him to all aspiring medical students.

Dr. kamran

A very hard working,honest and best for sure,,thanks for guidance and encouragement you have given to me over the years.

                                         MR. KHATANA

UM int. Consultant is very honest and is deeply trusted and respected by Chinese partner universities. It has thoughtful and meticulous arrangements for international students, has extensive contacts and resources, and has the ability to solve all problems for international students. Next time, I will continue to recommend the company to relatives and friends who need to study abroad.

                                     MS. AISHA

 it was good  experience with consultant Dr umair javed sir he supported alot when i was in china awlays standed with us we never felt we were alone there always did good job for us i appreciate i met dr umair sir when i was going to china ,great work.

Mr. Adil Ashraf

Very honest and hard working.
May Allah bless you more

Dr.Sanauallah Askay khan

When i decided to do MBBS in china, first question which was in my mind was that through which consultant i apply. By grace of God i found Dr Umair one of the best and honest. I love his honesty. Yesterday i was with my classmates and we appreciate his efforts. Thanks sir

The best education advisor.
This consultancy firm will help you to get enrolled in the best universities which have the highest employment opportunities later on the staff is friendly they work for the better future of their students.

                                   Annie raja

Great working skills with respectuful behavior. Very sincere to their work n towards students.highly recomanded👍👍

                           DR. shurjeel hassan

Only consultant you can trust completely  

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Reliable and honest.

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                            MR. M. ALTUMUSH

My experience was good Alhamdullilah

                          MR.SAJID ZAHEER

Loved it

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