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Study MBBS in China is an excellent option which is highly sought-after because of its low cost and the potential for high returns & Plus point is China Pak Friendship. China is situated close to Pakistan is trending in the choices of students who would prefer to study medicine in a foreign school get admission in top Chinese universities for Study MBBS in China Admission Program. China provides a cheap medical education in comparison to other universities in the world. China is growing in the number of foreign students attending Chinese universities due to the low cost of education, which is focused on research and development with regards to medical sciences.

Simple Addmission Process:

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When it comes to Study MBBS IN CHINA All medical universities are being supervised by the Ministry of education in china to regulate and maintain the standard of medical education. There are 8 Chinese universities in the top 100 universities of the world ranking.



FSC Pre-Medical (marks requirement varies from University to university).



Passport validity must be for more than 1 year.


Bank statement:

Bank statement of 8,000 USD at the time of admission.


Police clearance:

Valid police clearance certificate.


Medical certificate:

A person must be in good health. The certificate is required by the doctor.



It varies for different universities.

WHY to Choose Study MBBS in China for Pakistani Students?

China has increased its education, research, and scholarship budgets year after year, which has led to equipped academic centers. Medical universities in China are well-funded and thus well-equipped to offer top quality medical education. Thus 20 Chinese medical institutions have achieved places in the top 1,000 medical colleges in the world. Medical training within China can beinexpensive. Why? The majority of medical schools in China provides scholarships. Even without a grant, medical school in China is quite affordable. Since Pakistan has only a handful of places in medical school, China becomes the preferred place for Pakistan students who want to pursue Study MBBS in China from Pakistani Student in 2022-2023.

Contrary to many European countries in which unlike some European countries, an MBBS degree is accepted in every hospital across the globe. This is 1 reason why medical students choose to study medical studies for mbbs scholarship in China rather than pursuing it in colleges that are not accredited. Additionally, it offers an extremely high-quality education since the vast majority of Chinese institutions are run by the Government. MBBS Universities in China is well-known for its Latest Equipment’s. Due to their modern medical equipment that meets the most impressive international standards. Contrary to the study of MBBS elsewhere such as Pakistan the medical school in China is accompanied through intern programs. Students can practice their occupation in top health facilities. In turn, it provides a wonderful experience to students of the study MBBS in China for Pakistan students and their ability to develop new ideas in their field.

We are sharing some major expenses for the guidance of all the MBBS students so that they could  evaluate them financially:




600 RMB per year

Medical Check-Up

600 RMB per year


800 RMB per year

Food Cost

600 RMB to 800 RMB per month

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Study MBBS in China.

Study MBBS in China key ingredients to success are authenticity, transparency, self-definition and accountability. we also have a presence in China as well, and our affiliations with universities has made us credible. We offer services for Home to University services to our students e.g arrival and departure services and ticketing.

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Our goal is to offer top-quality services and solutions for international education. Study MBBS in China is offering Medical Engineering Management, Scholarships, Scholarships and numerous other courses. Our team of offices across the globe offices is eager to use every opportunity in order to accomplish our goals

Bilingual medical universities for Study in China Mbbs

Chengde Medical University

Chengde Medical University is located in Chengde city of Hebei province. CDMU started Study in China MBBS program for international students in 2006. Chengde Medical university is one of the pioneer medical universities in China to start MBBS program for international students as well as for Pakistan. Its tuition fee is 18000RMB.

Hebei University

Hebei University is a university jointly built by the Ministry of Education and the People's Government of Hebei Province. The school was founded in 1921. it’s one of the few top study universities in China who continued enrollment even during COVID. students can pass HSK exam any time before graduation. Its tuition fee is 16000RMB.

Xinxiang Medical University

Xinxiang medical University is located in Xinxiang which is city of Henan province. although its study in China MBBS program for international student has started about 7 years ago but its international graduates are showing great results in different entrance exams not only in china but other countries also as well. its tuition fee is 20,000RMB.


Passed Out Doctors
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Cases in Pipeline for MBBS
Partner Medical Universities
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CTGU is a comprehensive university in China. It was formed after the merging of University of Hydraulic and Electric Engineering at Yichang, Hubei Sanxia University, and a medical college founded in 1946. Its located in Yichang City Hubei province China. Since 2012, CTGU has recruited over 24,000 full-time undergraduates, 2,336 postgraduate and 1,048 foreign students. It institutes a group of key subjects (key laboratories) at the provincial and state level, and doctoral and master programs.

Established in:



Yichang, Hubei

Tuition Fee:

24,000 RMB

Hostel Fee:

4,800 RMB

It’s a very good option to be selected due to Its country-wise ranking on 10th
position and 159th global position for study in China MBBS.

Established in:



Simming, Zhangzhou & others

Tuition Fee:

38,000 RMB

Hostel Fee:

18,000 RMB

Xi’an Jiaotong University was founded in Shanghai in 1896. Being one of the
oldest universities of China, it is being operated under the administration of the
Ministry of Education China.

Established in:



Simming, Zhangzhou & others

Tuition Fee:

40,000 RMB

Hostel Fee:


Nanjing Medical University was established in 1934 in Zhenjiang, but subsequently, relocate and renamed Nanjing in 1957. Nanjing Medical University NMU was further
changed to its current name in 1993. It is one of the key universities sponsored by
Jiangsu Province.

Established in:




Tuition Fee:

34,000 RMB

Hostel Fee:

6,000 RMB

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When i approached UM International back in 2011 i was a bit worried about my admission and living in China. I had concerns about it but God knows everything went smooth including issuance of VISA, travelling to China, provision of accomodation and Dr. Umair even used to take us for lunches and dinners until we got used to live there. He managed everything for us, for us it was like moving to an unknown place and start going to University, he himself managed all the formalities one had to face when he or she moves abroad. Me and my whole batch had no tension regarding anything. The role of any good consultant ends here but we were blessed to have Dr. Umair with us. Even after admission he was always there to help us in any manner he can. I can say i haven't seen any consultant more cooperative then him. Living abroad alone far away from your family is not an easy job but yet we lived there happily just because he made things very easy for us. I was just a client of Dr. Umair and UM International but i ended up having an elder brother who is still in contact with me even after 5 years of my graduation. Tons of respect and love to Dr. Umair and best wishes for UM International for its future endeavours.
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MBBS in China degree program is fully accredited, monitored, and endorsed by the Govt. of China

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MBBS in China degree program is globally accepted at the leading hospitals of all countries.

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You can get admission in 8 top ranking medical universities of the world to study MBBS in China

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All medical universities are offering very secure but friendly study environments to the international students

What is the duration of duration of the MBBS training for in China for?

A) A MBBS training in China is 5+1 years to finish. Five years are the duration of the course as well as one year for the internship.

Q) Are MBBS effective in China?

A) China is well-known for its high-quality training for MBBS and also has the most skilled faculty and well-known institutions for students to study MBBS within China.