Complete Guide about Mbbs in China for Pakistani Students

Almost every medical student in Pakistan aspires to become a doctor. However, due to high merit in Pakistani medical colleges and the high fee structure of private-sector medical colleges in Pakistan, they are unable to become doctors. I will show you how to get Mbbs admission in China. This is how you can make your dream a reality.

Eligibility Criteria for MBBS in China

You must have high marks in the matric, intermediate, and entry tests if you want to study medicine in Pakistan. More than 200,000 students will take the MDCAT in 2023 year.

Overview of the MBBS Program in China


MBBS is an abbreviation for Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery. It is one of the most in-demand undergraduate degrees in China and around the world.The Essentials of MBBS in China

Time span: 5-6 years

There are 45 medical schools in China that offer English-language MBBS programs.English-Taught

Each program has 50-100 seats available each year.

World Health Organization acknowledgement

Tuition ranges from $3,000 to $10,000 USD per year.

Most Chinese medical universities offer a 6-year MBBS program. To gain solid medical knowledge, you will need to complete 5 years of classroom training. The final year is spent on a hospital internship to hone your clinical skills.Information about getting into China to study MBBS

To successfully study MBBS in China, you must first meet all of the following requirements:

  1. Eligibility Requirements

At least a 70% in Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and Math (PCB). For a higher acceptance rate, students must have an especially good average in Biology.

(1) At least 70% in mathematics

(2) 18 years or older when you apply

(3) Hold at least a high school diploma.Applicants must have enough money to pay for school and living costs in China.


Processing steps of Applying to Study Mbbs in China

3-Step Process for Applying

1) Look for MBBS programs and click on “Apply.”

2) Upload the necessary papers and wait for confirmation of admission. If you are accepted, you will get a letter of invitation.

3) Pay the fees, get your visa processed, and get ready to study MBBS in China!

Service for Easy MBBS Application

Do you want to apply for an MBBS in China but don’t want to deal with the complicated and time-consuming application process? China Admissions has an MBBS Application Service that will make the application process easier and smoother. At a very low price, you get a lot of benefits, such as:

Priority application that moves quickly

Free, individual consultations

Acceptance to at least one MBBS programs is guaranteed

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Documents Needed for MBBS in China

Personal Statement Letter: Introduce yourself, your goals, and what you want to do after you graduate in 150 words.

Curriculum Vitae: List your education, work, volunteer, and other experiences, as well as any other relevant information.

Diplomas and school records (They will need to be translated if not in English or Chinese)

Blood test results with a hospital stamp on the physical exam record (Chinese or English translation are both accepted)

Recommendation letter: It should have the recommender’s affiliation and position, signature, email, and phone number.

Valid passport

Proof of financial support can be a Deposit Certificate or Account Statement from the sponsor’s bank for the last 3 months, printed on letterhead, with a minimum closing balance of USD $7,000 or the equivalent. If you are not the account holder, you must show the sponsor’s passport or other proof of identity.

Certified translations of your documents into English or Chinese

Where can you use a Chinese MBBS degree?

What countries accept medical degrees from China? If you go to China to get your MBBS and graduate in good standing, you have a lot of options all over the world. To get a licence to work, you will only need to take the medical exam of each country, such as:

Pakistan’s Medical and Dental Council (PMDC)

India’s Medical Council (MCI)

Saudi Commission for Health Specialities (SCHS)

Council for Medical and Dental Professionals

The South African Medical Professions Council

The Professional and Linguistic Assessment Board (PLAB) in the UK tests people’s language skills.

Exam to get a medical licence in the US (USMLE)

Association of Medical Boards in the Caribbean (CAMC).



1)How to Apply for mbbs in China

2)Admission letter

3)student visa (How to Get visa)

4)Police Certificate of Character

5)Authentication of school records

6)Visa Application

7)China ticket

8)Submit Fee

9)Hostel Cost

10)Cost of MBBS in China for the first year

11)PMDC Test Guidelines (After Completion of your MBBS)


13)Here’s how to do it step by step. How to get into a medical school in China and choose one.

Look for medical schools in China

We’ll help you decide which medical school to go to ()

You can’t apply for mbbs right away in China.

Find a real agent in your town.

through us, you can apply ()

From what we know, you can’t apply directly to any medical school. pick a real estate agent in your city. Agent charge some fee like 5000-1000Pkr. An agent will be in charge of everything that has to do with mbbs in China.

If you use our platform,, to apply. From choosing a medical school in China to taking the PMC MDCAT Test, our team will be there to help you. Our team is made up of doctors who just passed the PMC test. In China, we will help you with everything.


This is the second step, which comes after choosing a medical school. request a letter of acceptance and a JW2 form (Student visa). you need a scanned version of the following.

Passport Size Photo

Certificate of Completion of High School and Detail Marks Sheet

FSc (Pre-Medical) Certificate and Mark Sheet with All Details

Copy of your scanned passport

To get a visa in emmabsay in the Republic of China, which is in Islamabad, Pakistan, you need the original letter of admission from your university and a student visa form.

All of these steps will be explained to you by both your agent and our team.

Apply to become a police officer.

The third step is to do this. Try to get a certificate from the police. Go to your police station to do this. They will help you through the process of getting a Police certificate. A police certificate is usually given out by the police station in a few days.

You’ve done the first three steps. if you have any questions drop your comment. We’ll get back to you as soon as we can about what you said.


Get your matric detailed mark sheet and fsc detailed mark sheet attested by your board of intermediate and secondary education and attested by the inter-board chairman commit in Islamabad.

You can use the TCS service to get documents signed.

The fourth step was this.


The fifth step is to get a visa. Here are a few facts about how to get a visa for mbbs in China. You have to ask for a visa at the embassy. For your visa application, you need the following things.

Attested Degrees (Matriculation and Fsc)

The police station gives out police character certificates.

Admission Letter (original)

Form Jww2 (student visa form)

A signed statement from your father’s guardian that they will pay for your schooling.

Bank Statement

Pakistani students can get their MBBS in China.

China is a country next to us. The friendship between Pakistan and China is an example for the rest of the world. Pakistani students in China can get a lot out of their time there. Road trips to China are very cheap. Pakistan and China are very close friends because of CPEC. If you want to get your mbbs overseas. Your main goal should be to get an MBA in China.

MBBS In China 2023-2024: A Guide for Pakistani Students


MBBS In China 2023-2024: A Guide for Pakistani Students

Almost every Pakistani who is studying to become a doctor wants to be a doctor. But because of the high standards in Pakistani medical schools and the high costs of private medical schools in Pakistan, they can’t become doctors. Here, I’ll tell you what you need to do to get into Mbbs in China. This is how you can make your dream come true.


Why to choose China for Mbbs Pakistan?

In Pakistan, you need high scores on the matric, intermediate, and Entry tests to get into mbbs. More than 200,000 students will take the test this year.There are 108 medical schools in Pakistan as a whole. Every year, 7 out of 100 students can become doctors. It means that only 7% of people get in.This article tells you everything you need to know about mbbs in China.



Here, you’ll find all the reasons you should do your mbbs in China. This article will tell you everything you need to know, from how to choose the best medical school to how to get in and pay your fees.Whoever gets their MBBS from Pakistan or China now has to take the NLE exam. From China, you can do mbbs for the least amount of money. Because of the way roads are set up, you can drive from Pakistan to China.


Here is a list of medical schools in China that have been given a green light by the PMC.

  1. HINA University of Jilin
  2. China University of Medicine
  3. Dalian University of Medicine
  4. Capital University Medical School
  5. Tianjin University of Medicine
  6. Shandong College
  7. Nanjing University of Medicine
  8. University of Jiangsu
  9. Wenzhou Medical University is a medical school in Wenzhou, China (overseas)
  10. University of Zhejiang
  11. University of Wuhan
  12. The University of Xi’an Jiao Tong
  13. The Southern Medical School
  14. University of Jinan
  15. Guangxi University of Medicine
  16. University of Sichuan
  17. Chongqing University of Medicine
  18. Harbin University of Medicine
  19. Jinzhou University of Medicine
  20. University of Qingdao
  21. Hebei University of Medicine
  22. Ningxia University of Medicine
  23. Tongji University
  24. Shihezi University
  25. University of Yangzhou
  26. University of Nantong
  27. University of Ningbo
  28. Fujian University of Medicine
  29. Anhui University of Medicine
  30. Xuzhou Medical College
  31. The University of Three Gorges
  32. The University of Zhengzhou
  33. Guangzhou University of Medicine
  34. The University of Sun Yat-sen
  35. University of Shantou
  36. Kunming University of Medicine
  37. Southwest University of Medicine
  38. University of Xiamen


Here is the full list of fees for getting into mbbs in China.

Fees for school are $10,500 and $14,500.

Hostel Fee 3500 Hostel Fee 3500

Liaison Fee 21550 Visa Extension: 800

Medical Insurance 800 Medical Insurance: 800

The fee to sign up is $500.

Checkup for Health 350

Visa Extension Fee 800

38,000 RMB for the first year (839254 Total Fee)

2nd Year to Final Year Fee: 19800 RMB (Total Fee: 437295 PKR). • The first-year fee must be paid when the student arrives, or he or she will have to stay in a hotel until the fee is paid.

The fee will be paid in Chinese Yuan (RMB), but if the value of the RMB changes, the fee could change to US$.

Books, food, and other small costs are not included in the fees listed above. Students on their own

will pay for these costs.

Important Notes

There is no university fee for a liaison fee. It is charged by the group that is in charge of letting you in.

Procedure, and once paid, it can’t be taken back.




Pakistani students can start to study MBBS in China in March 2022. Here is a full guide with information about how the fees work. Criteria for getting in are getting at least 60% in Biology and English and more than 50% in both Physics and Chemistry. The age limit is 25. We don’t take students younger than 17 years old. The student will give the power of attorney that has been signed off by the Chinese Embassy.



This is how we let people in. We can be reached at Send us your school records and pay us an admission fee of 2,000RMB.We will ask for your letter of acceptance. When you get the letter of acceptance, you have to give all of the above documents.The fee package will be reduced by JW202 and a security deposit of 3000RMB.If the Chinese embassy turns down your visa, you can send us an original copy of the admission letter and form JW202 to get your 3000RMB security deposit back.Please note that the 2000RMB admission fee and courier are non-refundable.Once it’s paid for, it’s no longer part of the fee.