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Study Medicine in China at MOE Approved Universities with Scholarships and list


Study Clinical Medicines in one of the Moe-listed Medical universities in China.

Are you an undergraduate student who wants to accomplish medical study in China? To get admission to China for clinical medicine, you should know about universities eligible to accept international students for Medical Studies in China. These are MOE Listed Universities that are internationally recognized and well-respected in China. The MOE Listed University is recognized by the Ministry of Education of China. 

Out of all the medical universities in China, 45 Universities in China are MOE Listed, which are historic and comprehensive. If you want to study MBBS in China in English, MOE Approved Universities in China are approved to teach Medical Study to international students in English.

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Medical students are privileged enough to get professional consultancy & and guidance for MBBS admissions in China either from our online portal or our representative study in China consultant in Islamabad, Lahore, Peshawar, Rawalpindi, and all other major cities of Pakistan. China offers the world’s most advanced & and practical MBBS degree programs in the whole world. So, it is 1 of the favorite MBBS study destinations across the globe for international students who want to study MBBS in China with an affordable MBBS in China fee structure.

Requirements of Admission to MOE-Listed University:

Most universities in China only accept admission applications submitted indirectly by students. Therefore, a consultant from an admission agency is needed to apply to a Chinese University. According to your budget, our consultant agency will guide you properly in selecting a university for your studies, and we will proceed with your admission to your desired MOE-listed University in China.

You will need to fulfill the following requirements to get admission to the listed University


A passport with at least a remaining validity of 6 months is required for applying to any MOE Listed University.

English Proficiency

An English Proficiency Certificate is needed to get admission to any Medical Study in English medium.


Students who have completed 12th grade or equivalent qualification are eligible to apply to MOE University.


An application fee of about 800-1500 RMB must be paid to begin the application procedure and get the acceptance letter from the university.


The authorization letter of the legal guardian is required if the applicant is below 18 years. If they are 18, then there is no need for authorization by the guardian.

Medical Certificate

To Study in China for one or more years, students must obtain a medical certificate by completing a physical examination.

Get Ready for Lowest Study Abroad Expense in MOE-Listed University in China

The 45 Medical Universities in China are MOE listed with quality education and high world ranking. These are innovative and unique universities which are accepted by:
· MOE (Ministry of Education of China)
· PMC (Pakistan Medical Commission)
· WHO (World Health Organization)
· BMDC (Bangladesh Medical Council)
· WCAME China
· NMC (National Medical Commission of India)
The visa rejection for studying in China is also very low, ensuring you can get a quality education abroad at minimum expense, unlike in Europe, where you will have to spend a fortune to get a degree.

List of Top MOE-Approved Universities in China

Since 2007, the MOE-approved universities list has been released regularly every year. This list was created on the introduction of “Provisions for Quality Control Standards on Undergraduate Medical Education in English for International Students in China.”

The list of best MOE universities that are allowed to teach MBBS to international students in English Medium:

1.Jilin University:

Jilin is a leading national research university located in Changchun province of China. It is a Class A double first-class university in China by the MOE. Tuition Fee: 33,000 RMB per year

2. China Medical University:

The first medical school in China, built by the Chinese Communist Party, China Medical University, is in Liaoning. That is a public medical university. Tuition Fee: 40,000 RMB per year

3. Dalian Medical University:

Established in 1947, this MOE-listed university is located in Dalian, China. In northeast China, Dalian Medical University is the oldest formal medical college. Tuition Fee: 45000 RMB per year

4. Capital Medical University:

Established in 1960, this is a public research university. Capital Medical University is located in Beijing, China, and ranks among the top Medical Institutes in China. Tuition Fee: 50,000 RMB per year

5. Shandong University:

With a long history, this comprehensive university is located in Jinan, China. It is China's one of the largest universities and is under the direct jurisdiction of MOE of China. Tuition Fee 45,000 RMB per year

6: Fudan University:

This double first-class university was established in 1905. Fudan is a national public research university that is affiliated with the MOE. It is located in Shanghai, China. Tuition Fee: 75,000 RMB per year

For determination of qualification of Medical Schools in China, they are continuously assessed by the National Western Medical Education Expert Group to see whether they can offer MBBS in English or not, and accordingly, this list is maintained.

Best MOE Scholarship University List for Extraordinary Students

Many Medical Universities in China approved by MOE offer multiple scholarship programs for International Students who are academically exceptional. These scholarship programs are fully funded. So, if you are an outstanding student but can’t afford to study Clinical Medicine in China, then here is the MOE Scholarship University List that you should consider:

  1. JIANGSU University
  2. DALIAN Medical University
  3. SHANGHAI University
  4. SHANGDONG University
  5. NANJING Medical University
  6. FUJIANG Medical University
  7. WENZHOU Medical College
  8. SHIHEZI University
  9. ANHUI Medical University

XINJIANG Medical University

All You Need to Know about MOE-Listed Universities' Fee Structure

MOE Listed Universities

Those universities allowed by the Ministry of Education of China to teach English Medium MBBS degrees to international students fall under the category of MOE-listed Universities in China.

Non-MOE Listed Universities

Non-listed universities also offer MBBS degrees to international students, but these degrees are in Chinese Medium. They need to provide MBBS in English Medium.

Here are the Fee Structures of Some Well-Known MOE listed Universities:

List of 45 MOE Approved Universities:

Out of 200 Medical Colleges in China, only 45 are MOE Listed Universities where the English Medium syllabus is taught with the approval of the Ministry of Education. These Universities are the following:

  1. China medical university
  2. Dalian medical university
  3. Jilin university
  4. Capital medical university
  5. Shandong university
  6. Tianjin medical university
  7. Xinjiang medical university
  8. Fudan university
  9. Jiangsu university
  10. Nanjing medical university
  11. Zhejiang university
  12. Wenzhou medical college
  13. Wuhan university
  14. Huazhong university of science and technology
  15. Southern medical university
  16. Xi’an jiaotong university
  17. Guangxi medical university
  18. Jinan university
  19. Sichuan university
  20. Harbin medical university
  21. Chongqing medical university
  22. Beihua University (North China University)
  23. Jinzhou Medical University
  24. Qingdao University
  25. Hebei Medical University
  26. Ningxia Medical University
  27. Tongji University
  28. Shihezi University
  29. South East University
  30. Yangzhou University
  31. Nantong University
  32. Soochow University
  33. Ningbo University
  34. Fujian Medical Univeristy
  35. Anhui Medical University
  36. Xuzhou Medical College
  37. China Three Gorges University
  38. Zhengzhou University
  39. Guangzhou Medical University
  40. Sunyat_Sen University
  41. Shantou University
  42. Kunming Medical University
  43. North Sichuan Medical College
  44. South West Medical University
  45. Xiamen University

Benefits of Studying in a MOE-Listed University in China

Choose a Moe-listed university for a Brighter Future!
Although MOE-Listed Universities Fee Structure is a bit higher than Non-Listed Universities, here are some of the many benefits you will be getting by applying to a MOE Approved University:
· The duration of MBBS is five years
· You will be able to study an English Medium Syllabus throughout your academic years
· You will not need to pass the HSK-3 or HSK-4 test after studying at MOE University.
· All the MOE Listed Universities in China rank among the top universities and are renowned.
· Compared to non-listed universities, medical subjects' credit hours are higher.
· Their degrees are accepted worldwide
· You can apply for NMC, AMC, USMLE, etc., after getting a degree from a MOE MOE-listed university.
· You can also apply to MOE Scholarship Universities and avail yourself of many scholarships.

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